We Can Provide You with Wholesale Mānuka Honey When You Need It

We can supply you with wholesale mānuka honey so your customers can enjoy more options. We have a range of options that can cater to everyone’s unique taste. Choose 100% Pure New Zealand Honey and enjoy the delectable imported mānuka wherever you want to.

Benefits of Choosing Our Services When You Want Delicious Mānuka Honey

We love to provide our clients with an easy shopping experience that rewards them for choosing our services. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from us:

  • We take care of the imports so that you can order the delicious mānuka honey from New Zealand, from us. Since you speak to us, you will get your honey in as little as one day depending on the size of your order.
  • We can provide you with a laboratory certificate for any of the jars of honey you purchase from us. The process is as simple as entering your batch number which will then present you with a downloadable certificate. These certificates come from an ISO-certified laboratory.
  • Honey provides a host of health benefits even without the properties from the mānuka flower. It contains a mixture of minerals from calcium to phosphorus to magnesium. You can also find trace elements of iron, selenium and zinc.

Things to Consider When Buying Mānuka Honey from Us

You should always consider the following when you choose our services for mānuka honey:

  • When you buy in bulk – or wholesale – we can provide you with better prices. When we ship bigger quantities of honey, we get to cut down on costs, and those savings will always pass on to our loyal customers.
  • We offer different options that can suit any budget. We can provide 500g Multifloral to those who are less concerned with the mānuka presence or can provide UMF 5+ through to UMF 20+ for those who cannot do without it.
  • Anyone who likes honey will love mānuka. It doubles up as both a delectable and healthy addition to any diet. Numerous studies have shown that mānuka could potentially support your health in many ways.

Interesting Facts About Mānuka Honey

Mānuka honey comes from the mānuka flower, which also infuses the honey with its unique medicinal properties. This honey is rather tricky to get – even for the bees – as these flowers only bloom for two to 12 weeks in certain regions the entire year! To make things even more interesting, bees take between 22 000 and 25 000 trips to these flowers to provide us with a single 500g jar of honey.

Honey provides everyone with a delicious option that can go with almost anything. You can enjoy it with your toast, your tea, on its own, or even with your yoghurt or oats. If you have a sore throat, you might be surprised at how much a little mānuka honey can help soothe it.

Submit an enquiry today, tell us how much honey you need, and we will provide you with price information as soon as possible.