We Import High Quality NZ Mānuka Honey into Australia for You

Not everyone can import mānuka honey from New Zealand. We directly import accredited NZ mānuka honey to Australia for resale on our online store, 100% Pure New Zealand Honey.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding New Zealand Mānuka Honey in Australia

Our range of New Zealand Mānuka honey has a strength to suit your taste buds. Whether you prefer a subtle hint or a tangy bite, we have a taste to suit your tongue.

  • Multifloral Mānuka honey. Multifloral honey utilises the nectar of a multitude of flowers but contains mainly mānuka flower nectar. This blend is lighter in colour and milder in taste than other UMF Mānuka options.
  • UMF 5+ Mānuka honey. UMF certification backs this natural mono-floral Mānuka honey with a minimum 83mg/kg MGO. It has a mild flavour and a light colour.
  • UMF 20+ Mānuka honey. This mānuka is one of the rarest forms of the nectar and exceedingly high in MGO with 829mg/kg. Our suppliers source it from premium locations that produce the purest form of mānuka honey. It is very dark in colour with a strong taste and meets the rigorous UMF standards.
  • 10mg UMG 5+ Mānuka honey with lemon and ginger. This snap-pack offers a convenient, on-the-go sachet of mānuka honey in a single serving. This trio is commonly used to alleviate the symptoms of the common cold and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Many consumers use it to treat nausea and morning sickness and report it to act as a natural immune booster.

Creative Ways to Use NZ Mānuka Honey

The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties contained in mānuka honey has multiple health benefits. To reap the benefits, mānuka honey is best eaten raw.

  • Consuming one or two teaspoons of raw mānuka honey each day can boost your immune system and maintain overall good health. Its pleasant taste allows for eating on its own for a tasty pick-me-up.
  • Mānuka honey acts as a natural sweetener. Swapping your artificial sweetener or sugar for mānuka honey in tea can assist in your health journey as a delicious and nutrient-packed alternative. Mānuka honey does not raise your blood levels as quickly as sugar, retaining a lower GI value.
  • Adding a spoon of mānuka honey to your smoothies brings a natural, excellent-tasting sweetness without the sugar. A banana and mānuka honey smoothie is an excellent way for you to get your daily intake of fruits, vitamins and minerals in a convenient meal.
  • Combining mānuka honey with olive oil or vinegar makes for a zesty salad dressing. The light and airy combination is a healthy alternative to most traditional salad dressings, bringing additional nutrients to your meal. Mānuka honey can make a great honey and mustard glaze for your meat dishes, offering a crispy coating when cooked.

Why You Should Use 100% Pure New Zealand Honey

We source the highest quality accredited mānuka honey from New Zealand for Australia to enjoy. Our honey is certified by the UMF and has a Mānuka Blend or Multiflora Mānuka Honey Certificate, depending on which product you buy. Our convenient single-serving snack-pack offers the convenience of an on-the-go treat, while ensuring you get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients that mānuka honey provides.

To order your mānuka honey Australia-wide, contact us.