Finding High-Quality Cheap Mānuka Honey in Australia

Finding cheap mānuka honey in Australia is often a challenge. When one considers the level of work and dedication that goes into creating every jar, however, it's understandable why this unique honey from New Zealand often commands a premium price. Bees producing honey on a single type of flower require careful placement and a watchful eye, not to mention strict quality control further down the production pipeline. Even so, that doesn't mean it's impossible to tap into the taste and alleged benefits that you may enjoy when consuming mānuka honey.

At 100% Pure New Zealand Honey, we've dedicated ourselves to sourcing the best products from independent beekeepers and cost-effectively providing them. Consider the different options we provide and how to choose the honey you'll enjoy the most.

What You Should Know About Cheap Mānuka Honey

An important distinction: though we strive to provide options that are more cost-effective for the average consumer, there is nothing "cheap" about the honey we produce. When you consider all the work that goes on behind the scenes, it's hard not to marvel at what we can accomplish with nature. The important things to know include:

  • True mānuka honey should scientifically test for the presence of several substances, including but limited to MGO, or methylglyoxal. You should also look for the presence of another substance called leptosperin, which you will only found in authentic, natural honey. Beware cheap alternatives that don't have these substances.
  • There is only a limited window of time every year to produce mānuka honey, contributing to its rarity and price. Authentic products do come with a slightly higher price tag owing to the efforts involved.
  • Quality mānuka honey has a thick yet smooth texture and a very rich flavour, unlike anything else. Combined with purported benefits popularly associated with it, there are good reasons to include some in your diet.

A Short Buyer's Guide to Finding Cheap Mānuka Honey in Australia

How do you choose the right mānuka honey for sale from our site? Do you want small servings available at any moment, or do you want something deep, rich, and robust? What does "multi-floral" mean? Our quick buyer's guide helps answer these questions:

  • Want to unlock the potential benefits of mānuka honey? Ensure you choose a jar with the proper UMF rating for MGO content, explained here.
  • For those who want to enjoy trying mānuka honey without a higher price tag, we suggest our single-serve packs and the multi-floral blend. In the case of the latter product, this is honey produced by bees that visited many other bush flowers along with some mānuka blossoms. The characteristic flavours are still present.

Why 100% Pure New Zealand Honey is a Cost-Effective Option

With different grades of mānuka honey available, finding the product that fits your budget and aligns with your dietary goals is easy. By making it easier to acquire genuine New Zealand honey in Australia, we save our customers time and money on shipment, too. There's never a doubt about authenticity— trace any jar you receive and discover the hives that contributed to your enjoyment. Start shopping now, or let us know if you have questions.