Enjoy an Easier Way to Buy Mānuka Honey in Australia

From those with a sweet tooth to the lover of natural foods, there is an increasing number of people interested in a simple way to buy mānuka honey in Australia. Produced exclusively in New Zealand by beekeepers around the country, this unique form of honey not only has a strikingly distinct taste but other unique properties as well. Scientists continue to study the composition of mānuka honey to investigate some of the effects claimed by traditional consumers, but many cultures worldwide have often revered honey for its qualities. At 100% Pure New Zealand Honey, we apply the small business ethos to working with local honey producers to provide Australia with mānuka honey of the highest quality. Take a moment to learn more about this unique product, then explore where to buy mānuka honey from our teams.

What is the Mānuka Honey You Can Buy in Australia?

What makes this type of honey so exclusive that people seek it out from around the world? There are some unique factors only present in New Zealand that makes this product so unique. Let's take a look at what sets it apart from others.

  • This type of honey comes from bees that gather nectar exclusively from the mānuka tree, a flowering plant found predominantly in New Zealand. While the bees may naturally gather some nectar from other sources, beekeepers ensure that the mānuka flowers are where the bees spend the majority of their time.
  • The unique nature of the nectar combined with the work of the bees leads to honey that is noticeably thicker and more viscous than other types. In some cases, it is more of a spreadable product than one you might pour over your favourite treats.
  • Beware of products that aren't what they seem. It's possible to scientifically verify the purity and authenticity of genuine mānuka honey thanks to the presence of unique chemicals in the product. When buying this ingredient, always look for proof of verified testing. See our certificates now.

Fast Facts About Buying Honey Made from Mānuka When in Australia

If this is your first time considering a purchase of mānuka honey, you may wonder what all the different acronyms mean, such as MGO or UMF. Selecting the type of honey that you'll enjoy most requires an understanding of these terms. Here are some quick facts to clear things up:

  • "UMF®" is an official mark used to denote the proven authenticity of mānuka honey, coordinated by the UMF® Honey Association. Look for this mark to know that the producer has met the stringent standards set for real honey.
  • "MGO" stands for methylglyoxal, an antimicrobial compound found in uniquely high concentrations in mānuka honey. The differing levels of MGO set the various grades of this honey apart while also demonstrating its authenticity.
  • Mānuka honey should conform to known colour gradings, too. Learn more about the pfund grading system we use to assure the quality of the products we provide for sale in Australia.

What Sets 100% Pure New Zealand Honey Apart in Offering Mānuka Honey to Australia?

Sourcing mānuka honey for sale in Australia isn't always easy. We set out to change that without compromising on quality, sustainability, or transparency. Why choose to purchase from us when you want to sample the complex flavours of mānuka-derived honey? Here's how we stand out:

  • We offer five different grades of honey to deliver the best variety. From a multi-floral blend that contains some mānuka nectar to rich honey with higher concentrations of MGO, there are many options to choose from for taste and health.
  • We make it possible to trace the origin of every jar of honey, so you know exactly where it came from and when it was produced. Enter the batch number on our easy-to-use tracker for instant information.
  • We're exceedingly committed to quality control. When you trace your jar, you'll see the quality control testing certificates for that specific batch — so you can know with absolute certainty it is the real deal.

Creative Ways to Use Mānuka for Health With Honey

What can you do with our products once you determine where to buy mānuka honey in Australia? Good news — just like any other honey, it's an immensely versatile product for which you can find many uses. Some of our favourite ideas include the following:

  • Blend a few tablespoons into your favourite yoghurt or spread it out on your morning toast. Some consumers make honey a regular part of their diet because of beliefs surrounding potential effects on digestive health, but you'll find it's an enjoyable flavour enhancer, too.
  • Use it as an ingredient in other foods. Adding the rich, earthy flavour tones of mānuka might be the ideal way to improve a well-loved recipe while replacing refined sugars in your diet.
  • Enjoy it straight from the jar! There's nothing wrong with sneaking a sweet treat occasionally, and a spoonful of honey is indeed a better choice than a handful of candy.

Tips About Choosing Mānuka Honey Online in Australia

Ready to get started with making a purchase? As you browse our online offerings, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Our honeys range from UMF 5+ to UMF 20+. Recall that these designations indicate the concentration of MGO in the honey. Keep in mind that the higher the concentration, the more powerful the unique flavour of the nectar.
  • Honey famously does not spoil but plan to keep yours in a cool and dry place to maintain the best quality for the most prolonged period.
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions concerning the origin or quality of your honey. Our team is always happy to answer questions from prospective customers just learning about mānuka honey for the first time.

About 100% Pure New Zealand Honey

Formed out of a passion for sharing the benefits and bounties of New Zealand's unique honey producers with others, 100% Pure New Zealand Honey offers a direct connection to hard-working beekeepers. With full traceability and a high degree of quality control, we provide a more accessible option for the next time you find yourself wondering "Where can I buy mānuka honey?"

With many product options, including the convenient single-serve snap pack for those on the go, it's simple to add more wholesome honey to your diet and replace processed sugars at the same time. Have questions before you buy? Let us know how we can help. For wholesale enquiries, please contact us to learn more about the rates we provide.